Saturday, January 22, 2011


I support my local artist and upcoming artist and bands. Some people make music for hobbies and for some people it s thier lives. My question is how do you tell an artist that their music sucks? I try to be supportive and go to the shows and buy the cd's that are recorded in basements with poor audio and engineering. I will hear potential, but when I begin to want to put in my 2 cents some people become resistant. I feel like if you cant take criticism from me your damn sure not gonna like it when A&R is in your face changing you and your image! People need to learn to listen to the crowd. Some people will like it and some people wont and that's fine , but when you been doing it for several years and your still in your homies basement thinking about your next payment for peabodys its a problem!
 Peabodys and open mics are good  for new artist that needs to practice with thier stage presence. Peabodys should be your gym. Once your comfortable with your self you will know and the crowd will feel you. When you are doing promotion make sure you have cd's present to pass out for shows. I have been to several events and artist didn't have any cds with contact information. Most importantly network! open for people collaborate with other artist if you can! Make sure your swagger is together! When I am at a show I am most appealed to stage appearance and style. Have control over the audience and people on stage. Don't be sloppy up there to the point where i dnt know where your voice is coming from. If you have 10 n:^%$as on stage with you keep the attention on you and have them fall back! I have seen hype man that made the artist look bad! Record your self and keep your head out your ass! If your serious about this be serious or the crowd will only be your family members and close friends! And you wont profit off that!
I have several videos of good and bad!These are videos of local artist at open mics and opening shows.

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