Why #support PULSE?

The Pulse team is motivated and ambitious about delivering you new music and info from local communities to main stream audiences. We strive to be a "lead" for the "Diamonds in the Ruff" and support unfound talent that should and will be in your nearest radio rotation. Maybe you are an up and coming artist that could use more hype and a fan base. Or maybe you know someone that should be on Pulse to help gain the recognition he/she need for followers. Or you just maybe be a hip hop fiend, (like us) , that want to stay current and updated in the hip hop community. You are in the right place! This blog is for you to help generate the hip hop community. Please take the time out to help build PULSE into the super website it should be. By 2016 we want to have our own website with new artist, web shows and commentaries. We are the heart of the streets and you cant beat without a PULSE.

Check contact info to send new music.

If qualified, you will officially be apart Pulse.
That means our team will look up your info and write a bio of your artistry.
We are here for you, just shout us out when you make it!
Be the first to witness a rapper, band, or group blow up right in front of your eyes!

If your looking for new music, interviews, commentaries and web shows please FOLLOW, SUBSCRIBE, BLESS or DONATE.


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