Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer 2016

Cleveland's Own Lord King Cobra found time to collaborate with local and influential "trill" rappers- rappers that rap about the real- and made a song of awareness called ALL BLACK. King wants and encourages everyone to educate themselves when it comes to racism and hate. The new track is a positive song forcing hip-hop listener's to detach from their superficial ideology of fast cash, cars and money. ALL BLACK is a song of reality and awareness. Support Lord King Cobra and everyone he collaborated with for taking the time to motivate their audience and community to recognize the hardships, pain, turmoil and triumph of the black community. 

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Lord King Cobra - AllBlack ft. TINO

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Young Thug America

They say  "youth is wasted on the young". Well, while that may be partially true, the "young" is Young Thug. "Thugga", as he quotes in his melodic tales on eerie instrumentals, waist no time living young.

The indie spirit, rebellious, 90's born rager has made an everlasting impression through mainstream music-media. The help of Thug's success is his awesome circle! If we had one wish. Our wish would be having Birdman as my manager-well, former manager. Thugga and Birdman relationship has been very controversial. We all heard the news. The talk around town is Birdman and Thugga are lovers. The other talk around town is...well that's the main one.

Nonetheless, Thugga has a great team. Kevin Liles, co- founder of 300 entertainment, signed Thug under Atlantic records while-at that moment of being signed- still invested hard work and loyalty with  1017 Bricksquad. The leadership in a label truly investing in the artist and lending creative control for value of its artist is always a great contract. The positivity of Thuggas circle encouraged him to manage himself and also direct his own videos. Small budget videos are often more viral than "Hype William" high budget (though worth it) videos.

Barter 6 formely known as Carter 6, is the top mixtape/album for the summer/fall of 2015. 

Young Thug "Halftime"

Welcome to Barter 6

After Rolling Stones crown you hiphop Prince, and music critiques say that you have the best mix tape, and labels start throwing 1.5 million to sign you, and if you started a $51 million dollar lawsuit, then you maybe or have to be Young Thug. Since 2011, Jeffrey Williams, better known as Young Thug introduced his sound to the world as the most enticing, eccentric artistry you may have ever encountered in the hip hop genre. The controversy over his sex preference and chose of wardrobe has caused the media to want MORE and More of Thug. Although Thug's prodigy Wayne Carter, may  have seem frustrated and bitter due to a misunderstanding between subtle homages being misconstrued as infringement, Due to legal issues, Thug decided to change Carter 6 to Barter 6.Thug still move forward announcing that he still would like to work with Wayne. So lets get the records straight! Birdman and Thug are good friends, Thug manages his self and Thug happily resides his artistry with Atlantic records. It seems as though Thug is going up from here. Barter 6 is Billboards top 5 in R&B and HipHop. Barter 6 is THE mix tape of the summer must have.

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 Barter 6 now available on iTunes

Thursday, November 6, 2014

                                                                                While everyone seems to have been bitten
by the "love bug", Lil Ronny rather be single. This November Ronny drops "SINGLE" produced by D WOO. Ronny's song give us insight and shares why he rather be single. Hey I GET IT! Its cold outside and for some of us we are grinding  trying to keep focus and relationships can slow up the progress.

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Lil Ronny MothaF - Single ( Prod By D Woo )