Thursday, January 20, 2011

It time to come back maria

Maria was a breakthrough artist when she released her debut album "My Soul" in 2003. Her first single was I give you take the video that I have posted on this blog. I decided to go down memory lane and listen to the sounds of my teenage years when Maria let me be vulnerable to love and help mend my hurt as I was going through my first break up. Her style and voice was so comforting and inviting. Her voice was so rich I could listen to her and see my own soundtrack to my life with love.Now that it is 2011 and I'm 25 I still admire her music and I have been patient and I want more singles and albums from her. I believe that record labels sign artist and don't know what to do with them! When she was dropped from Dream Works I wonder if she gave up on label life. I hope she didn't! Maria if your out there come back ! Work on some demos in the mean time find collaborations with artist or bands. I have a few suggestions! Its time maria and for the rest of you get her first album. Hard day at work, crush, stressed, first love, in love, out of love, confused, vulnerable, feeling good feeling like the world is on your shoulder, rolled up just listen I highly recommend it. Lets support Maria and bring her back.

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