Sunday, August 10, 2014

King Cobra "In The Spot"

King Cobra is one of Northeast Ohio’s hardest working artist. He has accomplished and surpassed his colleagues, but similar to his Cleveland Cavaliers MVP, Lebron James, King modestly supports his fellow rappers in Cleveland. King Cobra fills his fans and supporters in on his plans in an interview with Pulse head writer explaining his goals for his artistry. King also explains his experience working with Ray Jr, another successful artist from Cleveland. We also asked King what was his importance to the hip hop community in the interview King writes:

“I'm not working on a mixtape at this moment, I'm just focused on pushing "In The Spot" for right now. I'll be putting out a couple more songs later in the fall, some will be collaborations with other artists but I don't wanna say any names because things might change. Me and Ray got the song done quick. I tried to get him on my dark liquor anthem "Brown Drank Red Cup", but then I found out he doesn't drink dark liquor so that didn't work out lol. Oh well, we got this one done so that's all that matters. I'll be doing a few shows this summer. You can stay updated at or follow @lordkingcobra on instagram, twitter and facebook. The Cobra is important to the hip hop community because The Cobra is Cleveland. I'm so Cleveland. I am Cleveland”

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