Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hip Hop artist and actor Common released his first album with new label Warner Bros called "the dreamer the believer". He was previously signed to Geffen Records for 3 albums. I was really feeling the G.O.O.D MUSIC movement. I felt like it was a good fit. Well I am sorry to say that I didnt even know he had an album out until this whole "DRAKE" thing came about. Supposedly Common and Drake was at a show and Common perform his song "sweet". Drake felt some kind of way and subliminally got back at common in another song called "stay schemin". So on and so on. Now the news is that Drake is or was dating Serena Williams, common's ex gal??? Come on! First of all when I heard some ish about common "gettin at" somebody it didnt make any sense. He too old for that shit. He way to polished for that shit. Sound like new label new rules to me. I think that album dropped and numbers didn't meet expectations. Did this help? Yes I think it did. Did it make his album relevant? Yes I think it did. Not good enough for billboard. Common hasn't been on a billboard chart since Universal Mind Control 2009. Correct me if im wrong but the highest he ever place was 44 on billboard charts and that was in 2000. Im not bashing him, I respect common. I really admired how he did his thing, but making up beef for album sales really pisses me off. I dont expect that from him. Common man i dont know why you left Geffen, but maybe you should of went independent. I dont like the way you and Warner Bros moving. Oh yeah i forgot (sarcastically) go get that album! He put in a lot of hard work to beef with niggas like nas, drake, etc. This some Curtis Jackson type shit. smdh

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