Wednesday, January 4, 2012

in memory of Mac Dre

"She Neva Seen" is one of my favorites songs by Mac Dre. No "motto" didnt introduce me to mac dre but i was still a little late. I visited California the summer of 2007 and heard an incredible mixtape from some kids in San Diego when I was staying in Ramona.Im like who is this? It was so dope!I wanted to know more about him and they told me he got killed. I was like damn! I wanted to know more about him and take some music back with me. They gave me a copy and I brought it back to Cleveland and @ that time I was living in e.c. My friends was like what the hell is this? lol! They didnt really care for it tooo much. I guess it was a experience type of thing. To actually be by the bay area and see it and live it. I eneded up losing the c.d and I havent found anything like it since. I bought "pill clinton" and others but the tape i had was crazy! I think someone stole it for real! Anyway Rest in peace Mac Dre! I had so much fun in Cali and you had a lot to do with it! ENJOY!

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