Saturday, November 19, 2011


hey whts up? its been a minute since we talked, chatted or just talked about somebody. well IM BACK! The first person on my list will alwys be NICK Cann0.....just kidding but for real. yeah so Take Care has just happened to ALL of us. Let em fly wayne. Drake album is hold one let me explain to yah what the fuck just happened! Cause a lot of you especially mainstream niggas wouldnt believe this nigga would be the KING of hip hop right now. Yes you even putting him above wayn e. You thought about it.He went home and did the album. You want to record in the most comfortable places. Home is where all your inspiration at. Its your bar code and your hometown makes you. You will always be proud and tell everyone where you from. We as a community appreciate that. we love it. But we know when a reign ends and when one begin. We seen if for decades. Yeah he at the top though. ( PLEASE NO HARD FEELINGS) know that this is important. I can give you 5 reasons why drake at the top 1. DEGRASSI He has been in your home for a long time 2. Thank Me Later We was like ,"who the fuck is this?" This was a mixtape! I couldnt believe it! still and always will be my favorite 3. Wayne sign you What? We was like who? that nigga from Canada? For real it was like history wait and then sale the mixtape as an album! AND PROFITED! whoa 4. sincere 5.humble Let me tell you what i mean by humble(no bitch shit) he took the world and told ya niggas to take care.. extra reason lonely. it get cold up there and i recently seen a interview where he stated he wanted to share his life with somebody

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