Saturday, July 30, 2011

50 cent vs Kanye West now 50 cent collab with Kanye West?

I recieve this information on behalf of "gossip on this". All I have to say is really? Really Curtis? Come on MAN! oN THE FOR REAL FOR real WE DNT LISTEN TO YOU MAN. THE mASSACRE WAS A MASSACRE! Curtis just seem desperate to be relevant again ("theres no hard feelings here") so we see him fuck with any and everybody! I got a lot of respect for Curtis Jackson, but on a LP tip- NO! HELL NO! Leave Kanye alone he doing his thing. Didnt he help you with your last album sales? Kanye dont even know if he gonna be able to do it! I guess the least he can do is give 50 a few beats he got laying around. Im sure he cant fuck that up.....He cant fuck that up right?

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