Saturday, May 14, 2011


Alright! Obviously mixtape of the year(so far) is Soul Tape by Fabolous. Flat out! Thats it! Who else fucking with it. His mixtape was the most downloaded im hearing it in the streets its official. Even though I can listen to Pain and Phone numbers all day can we get a year of various artist to get some shit poppin please? I mean what the fuck. Im not just talking about mainstream niggas, u know what I am what cuz u signed you suppose to focus on that commercial shit? NO NIGGA NO! Imma lookin for some new talent. If you got a mixtape bout to come out I wanna hear that shit. I dnt want to hear a rapper thats trying to still find him/her self and sounding like they from new york when they from St. Louis. Real Shit only PLEASE. pUT OUT SOME BULL iF YOU WANT TO! Any way I would like to give shine to the individuals that put on and have the best tapes as Americas underground first class. simply let me hear something e-mail me @ or simply inbox me on blogger. Tired of the bull contest! lmao naw just inbox me. Imma get back to my job talking about these celebs and artist. This hardwork lightweight. I been slacking I was suppose to talk about that nigga Y.G and Y.C. Let me get back to it.

signing off-

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