Friday, April 22, 2011

Uh OH! VIBE bet not ask Cudi for SHIT!

Vibe asked Kid Cudi, Scott Mescudi would he do the March cover for Vibe. Well he turned them down. I dnt know if VIBE was a little bitter but he def made it in an article anyway. The articLe compares Cudi rocked out LP TO Waynes,STATING "CAN IT BE ANY WORSE THAN REBIRTH?"-VIBE. Well cudi STATES HE IS GLAD HE TURNED IT DWN. He stuck to his guns with that one! He also said that vibe is a "Whack ass magazine" (Losers). Uh Oh VIBE BET NOT ASK CUDI FOR SHIT! He is a Very talented artist and so much more. They will be hoping and praying that he will put this behind him soon!

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  1. Bet not ask him sit lol "wack as magazine lol" stand the fuck up cleveland :laflare signing off