Monday, April 18, 2011

Ground Up

When I was first introduced to this Super TRIO I was on facebook looking at status'. I came across a video called Got Damn. I knew right away that this was a breath of fresh air. Everything collobarated so perfectly. I notice that when I listen to music from a lot of artist they may have the beats but lack deliverane or they may have the deliverance but no swag. These guys have a perfect combination of everything! Some how it justs fit! Each song I listen to I can feel the hard work and dedication to thier grind of becoming great. Their lyrics are so sincere and intrumentals so ill (BIJ LINCS). Even though Malcolm ,'Malakai" was born in Baltimore and Al Azar from New Hope, they are Philadelphia residents. Im like I got to see a show to see their deliverance. I attended a show at Philadelphia University and the day started horrible for me. I had to google where that school was at first (im not from philly) I got caught in the rain! My little 3.99 umbrella didnt help a nigga none! I just did my hair! I was walking forever and I couldnt see shit! For a minute I was loosing hope! I think I prob cried for real. I did! Anyway as I looked to the street I saw a student walking and I ran to get his attention. Im thinking to myself, am I crazy? Theres not a soul here! I dnt hear no music I dnt see no kids! My sock wet! WTF! This kind semaritin walked me across the campus and I thank him for that. I think his name was Tyler. Tyler showed me the way and my night started to look up! I looked like hell but I made it. Anyway when they got on stage they crontrolled the audience, deliverance was NICCCEEEE! It was a lot of fun. I forgot I smelled like wet cigarettes and attitude.  It was a great turn out. I really thought groups like this didnt exist anymore.I met the guys later on that evening and they were cool as shit! Excited to hear more from the Ground Up family. Oh yeah UP LATE.....I am Proud as shit. Nicee...Lucky to witness history in the making. I was sick in the morning but it was worth it ;)

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