Saturday, April 30, 2011

Diddy himself said MGK is rookie of the year!!!

I know a while ago I said I wanted to talk about XXL Freshman class and the rappers that were indicted but a few of them I dont know about. I guess by me being a Mid West gal I couldnt relate to a couple of the rappers. Fred the Godson grew on me and I like him def on the whiteowl mixtape song "LIGHT IT UP". hE IS WORTHY. Big K.R.I.T. was my favorite ! Cyhi the prince????- umm Lil Twist def been working hard. He has a machine behind him too so yeah (YMCMB) Yelawolf-yeah Mac Miller I heard some buzz about him. YG NOT ONE OF MY FAVS. Lil B what the hell? I guess he been buzzing for a while I did hear about that nigga and plus his affliations is crazy soooo there u go. Kendrick Lamar???? need to do more research! Which I shouldnt have to do. You on a cover of XXL why the hell I aint hear shit? Still aint hear shit.If that label got you on hold you better be droppin some tapes! And of course Diggy Simmons( reigned from hiphop royalty in his blood)So anyway Im thinking damn a few of these niggas could of been replaced. If Sean P. Diddy Combs said you a rookie of the year how the hell do parrapa da rappa ass niggas make it on that cover? I aint saying no names- just saying. Well next year will be MGK for sure and he need to just have the front cover fuck it and behind him....I dnt know it was a couple of duo or groups out here i fancied. And since it was like 2 niggas from Compton you can have 2 niggas from Cleveland. CHIP the mother fuckin Ripper and Machine Gun kelly now nigga! And each class dont have a 100% graduation rate. You saw last year Whiz,Big Sean and J. COLE WERE THE ONLY ONES THAT MADE SALES!

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