Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sooooo who is this nigga cam?

Ilove"Hey Muma"!!!! The first verse of course! I was feeling good about this song and then her come Vado. Im not a negative person , but all im saying is damn we use to what we use to! I havent heard Cam smack like this in a few years and yes I heard the get it in Ohio ! I liked it, but when the hell is dipset gonna do another diplomatic immunity? Then Dame, jim and Juelz was in the video (hey muma) it was a good look I wish his ass was in the second verse. -shit- Vado I guess will have to grow on me, but for right now im not feeling it. especially in the song. It wasnt balanced at all(I take that back it had to grow on me May2nd). But umm if Cam stamped em I guess ill see what he do. He from Harlem soo I guess he suppose to be good...we will see and then the hook I would of did it different. But umm maybe it was Vado cuz if it was Juelz it would be PPPPPPEEEEERRRRRRFFFEEECCCTTTTT! I aint gonna say what I really want to say, fuck it this my damn blog dnt nobody read this shit anyway. I need to hear a mixtape from this nigga.But on the up and ups I am looking foward to thier partnership with there new label and anticipating a power duo from these 2. wait- Was this the same nigga Cam Was fucking with in Miama when he was on that Miami shit? Whew - im glad that shit over

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